Cerek Working

Cerek Working – SEE wreck is on the western face of the Schodni Mountains, in a compact upland valley cut from the mountains by the Kapice River.  It is one of the most isolated of the workings, with poor connections to its neighbors and to the Gornarod Track.

Cerek is the smallest of the Northern Schodni Workings, both in area and its population of 263,000. However, it makes up for its compact size in the fertility of its farms.  Nestled into a small pocket of open rolling land shaped by the Kapice River, almost 45% of its lands are in the river’s open plain and the rest are gentle hills and rolling pastures.

To the north and east is Mt. Tiszar and the ridge that forms its shoulders.  To the south is Mt. Esevar, the highest point in the Northern Schodni Workings.  Cekek is open to the west, where the Kapice Zerni descends gradually to the broad lowland plains of the L'npei Kingdom of Kempelani.

North of Mt. Tiszar is the western arm of the Schodni upland, called the Balinor Morsk.  Although claimed by Cerek, this area is sparsely settled and has limited ties to the Working.  It is very hilly, dropping steeply to the plains on the west and to the valley of the Serava River on the east.  Mt. Balkra, rises up near the northern tip of the Balinor and overlooks the western mouth of the Brissa Gap.

The City of Cerek MetelCentre (population 5,268) is located on the west bank of the Kapice River in an isolated pocket in the western part of the mountains and is primarily a local commercial center. The Cerek Road, one hundred thirty five kilometers of rutted dirt and gravel, connects it to the Gornarod Track

Cekek has a smallish MetelCentre that, together with two werks, employ about 1700 metal workers. It also contains three other commercial centers. 

Sar (population 1296) is located on the Kapice, down river from Cerek MetelCentre. It has a small commercial relationship with L'npei Gens Ukara Lap, in the Kempelani Plain.

Because of its isolation and its commercial ties to Ukara Lap, Cerek is less vulnerable to raiders than its northern neighbors.  Its western boundary is open, unforested and lightly patrolled.  A modest border post marks the turnoff from the Gornarod Track to the Cerek Road.  Cerek also maintains two watchposts near the summits of Mt. Esevar and Mt. Tiszar and on Mt. Balkra, on the Balinor Morsk.

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