Our Story

Meet The Stonegate Forge Team: Building a new startup company is always a daunting task, but what if the owners live in three different states in three different time zones with over 3,000 miles separating them? For us it’s not a problem. We know each other pretty well. Stonegate Forge is owned and operated as an equal five-way partnership by husband/wife Marc and Suzi Rubin, and their three children, Ben, Gabe, and Hannah. Originally conceived as a way to keep family close, and for us to bond over our collective love of gaming, we have successfully produced two games, and we are hoping to build on that success by bringing to life many more.

Marc(Fulfillment, Legal, Myth-Making and World Building) A founding member of both Ral Partha and Iron Wind Metals, Marc has over 40 years of experience in the miniatures industry. For nearly as long, he has been weaving and recording the stories of the World of Atelon, the setting for Shatterlands, as well as other games to come.  In addition to running Stonegate Forge and IWM, Marc is a retired attorney, and lives with Suzi in San Diego, CA.

Suzi – (Art Design, IT, Webmaster) With a background in typesetting and design, Suzi runs our art department. She designs the look and feel of our products, handles our technological issues, and keeps our website running. Suzi has put in decades of work as a community activist and organizer, and served as the Vice-Mayor of Monroe, OH, where she used to live.

Ben – (Game Designer and Product Manager, Shatterlands) Ben has been designing games since childhood. His most recent is our last release, Shatterlands, set in Marc’s World of Atelon. Ben is an academic, finishing his Ph.D. in early American History, and is owner of JC Instrumental, a community for instrumental music education in Jersey City Heights

Gabe – (Game Designer and Product Manager, Indicted! and Picnic Panic) Gabe designed the predecessor to Picnic Panic when he was 11 years old, and we are proud to have made it our first release by Stonegate Forge. In his real life, Gabe is a senior product manager for a construction tech software company. He lives in San Diego, CA

Hannah – (Marketing, Sales, Social Media) Hannah is COO at a digital marketing firm, living in Denver, CO