Wild L’npei

The Wild L'npei continue to live in bands and hunt in the northern forests, the jungles of the south and in the west of the Czarni Mountains. They raid isolated Rapani and Keshdumah farmsteads, attack Gornarod traveling merchants and steal animals from L'npei herds, making no distinction between the different races.

To the civilized L'npei, they are the Sorn’zsu (SOREEN tsszoo), scavengers who eat rotten meat. The Keshdumah and some Gornarod make no distinction between wild and civilized L’npei.

The Wild L’npei are under the direct protection of the Guardian Lord Protector. They are an important reservoir of the spirit that lies at the core of the power to hold Atelon for E'lani. Wild L’npei have head and neck feathers of many colors and patterns. Their crests change with the seasons and the location of the band.

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