City of Moros

Moros – MORE os (population3,247) is a small Gornarod city, crammed into a little less than 10 hectares on the west bank of the Dunsta River. It is a commercial outpost of the Gradec Working, situated in a bowl shaped valley just east of the fall line of the Dunsta. One road connects it to the City of Gradec, located roughly one hundred kilometers to the northwest.

Although the area has not been raided by L'npei in several centuries, there is a low, old city wall that is half-heartedly maintained, except along the river bank, where it was demolished. Beyond the wall are farms, the Moros Werks and a small iron mine. The Sweetwater Run is a stream that enters the town from the west, is bridged at Merchant Street and from there is channeled to the river.

The commercial area of Moros encompasses half a dozen streets that begin at the river. On the eastern riverbank itself is a long wharf with five public warehouses and the booking offices for two of the three companies that run barges on the river. North of the wharf, on Barge Alley are a sail-maker’s loft and the workshops of two naval carpenters.

Immediately inland from there and parallel to the wharf is Drunkards’ Street where one can find four taverns, two inns, the booking office for the third barge company and the Tidzke-Dunsta Guest House, a high end establishment providing lodging and meals for passengers waiting to embark on a Tidzke-Dunsta barge. Heading off of Drunkards’ Street are four streets that intersect with it.

Armor Road runs northwest from Drunkards' Street to the Moros Werks. Along that road are the workshops and homes of independent metal workers who take bar and sheet metal produced in the Werks and fashion it into weapons, small plates for assembly into scale mail, simple household and garden implements and a few decorative items like bells and rattles. Armor Road exits the city walls through the Werks Gate.

Next to the south is Weavers’ Street which runs from Drunkards’ Street due west to Moros Square, the site of the City’s markets and council house. Along the north side of Weavers’ Street are the workshops and homes of independent spinners, dyers and cloth makers, some of whom  weave a lightweight linen fabric favored by the L'npei. Several shops specialize in dyeing the fabric in the green and pink sacred colors of Gens Tamroti and, to a much lesser extent, in the green and lemon colors prized by Gens Magira, and the green and turquoise of Gens Risdar.

On the south side of the street are eleven shops of various cloth cutters and tailors, making coats, dresses, bed and table linen and all manner of fine and plain cloth articles. The buildings along the south side of Weavers’ Street are unique in that the ground floors of these structures (housing the showrooms and workspaces of the owners) face Weavers’ Street while the first and second floor living quarters above, face North Park Way and the Merchant Association Park.

South of Weavers’ Street is Green Street, which runs to the southwest. It is the place where travelers stock up on all manner of tasteless dried meats, vegetables and grains to sustain them on their travels. While ale and wine of questionable provenance can also be obtained on Drunkards' Street, prudent merchants lay in their stores of drinkable liquids with visits to the two alehouses and the vintner who conduct their businesses from establishments on Green Street. These purveyors charge bulk prices and extend credit to reputable merchants.

Finally, there is Cord Street, a short street that heads west then turns to the north and intersects with Green Street. It is home to the workshops and store houses of the makers and purveyors of all the sundry items that a self-sufficient merchant making a journey of several months might need.

Beyond the commercial area, Moros is like every other unremarkable small commercial center. It has inns, stores, craftsmen, homes and boarding houses, and a Werks on the outskirts of the town to the north east.

One can divide the city west of the commercial area into four quadrants. Gradec Road – Weavers’ Street divides the north and south halves of the city and Market Street – Old Westfield Road divide the eastern and western ones. Gradec Road connects Moros to the working’s capital city of Gradec. It enters Moros through the Gradec Gate, located in the westernmost section of the town.

The northwest quadrant contains the civic center of the city, including the council house, markets, merchants’’ association and fair grounds. It is also the most desirable residential section of the city, with the large houses of the most wealthy and powerful citizens situated on Merchant LaneCouncil Way and the portion of Merchant Street closest to City Plaza.

The southwest quadrant is also residential with pleasant homes throughout, alongside small apartment blocks nearest to Gradec Gate and adjacent to the city walls.

The northeast quadrant is home to tanners, weavers and dyers with all of the noxious smells and waste water associated with those trades. Most of the houses are small with workshops on the first floor and living quarters above.

The southeast quadrant is a mixed commercial and residential area. The best houses surround the park. The area surrounding the western part of Green Street is home to craftspeople who prepare dried provisions for travelers on the barges, and the garrisons of the travelers’ stations. Along the city wall are rooming houses and small apartment blocks.

Moros Inns and Taverns:

1. Gradec Guesthouse Tavern and Inn – located on Gradec Road just inside the Gradec Gate. Caters to traveling merchants. The best inn in Moros.

2. Speckled Feather Tavern and Inn – located at the base of Drunkards' Street just south of the Cord Street intersection. Caters to barge workers, including barge masters waiting for their next assignments. Clean rooms and a rollicking but safe dockside tavern.

3. Tidzke-Dunsta Guest House – located on the northwest corner of Drunkards' Street and Green Street. Across from the offices of the Tidzke-Dunsta Barge Company. Limited to passengers on a Tidzke-Dunsta barge. Very clean and safe.

4. Sunset Barge Inn – located on the corner of Drunkards' Street and Weavers' Street. Inexpensive rooms for passengers traveling down river. Cleanliness is reflected in the price.

5. Pikeman's Inn – located on Pike Street, just inside the Werks Gate. Clean, moderately expensive rooms for visitors doing business with the Moros Werks or the metal shops on Armor Road.

6. Roasted Keskun Tavern – located on the southwest corner of Drunkards' Street and Green Street. River workers who can’t afford the Speckled Feather drink here. A bit rough.

7. Green Mountain Tavern – located on the corner of Potter Street and Weavers' Street. Another river workers and cloth trade workers hangout. Better behaved than the clientele of the Roasted Keskun, rougher at night.

8. Hammer and Tongs Tavern – Located on Cloth Row just north of Speedwell Place. Metalworkers drink here. A rough and rowdy bunch, but safe for visitors.

9. Rotted Grape Tavern – located on Rotted Row Alley just up from Cloth Row. Near the tanning sheds, its name tells all a visitor needs to know about the prices and the quality of the food and drink. Very rough.

10. Crooked Loom Tavern – located on Weavers' Street. Gathering place for masters engaged in the cloth trade and their senior artisans. Good food and drink, reasonable prices.

11. Parkview Tavern – located across from the Merchant Association Park on Commons Lane in the neighborhood that is home to middleclass merchants and masters. Good food and drink, somewhat higher prices. No trouble ever.

12. Treehouse Tavern – located on South Park Way near Potter Street. A nicer tavern for Green Street merchants, barge masters who want to get away from the river folk and artisans who work in the provisioning trades. Quiet during the day, somewhat rowdy but mostly safe after dark.

13. Cracked Anvil Tavern – Located on Sword Place near the Werks Gate. Much like Hammer and Tongs Tavern during the day. After work, it is a hangout for the Werks workforce. Drinks get cheaper, crowd gets rougher. Not unsafe but also not a place to start a fight.

14. Council House Tavern – located on Merchant Street across from Merchant's Plaza. Best tavern in the city. Food and drink very good and very expensive. The most successful merchants and the city councilors gather here to conduct business at tables discreetly placed in nooks and corners. A place where middling folk come in the evening to celebrate happy events.

15. Rooming houses abound on Drunkards' Street and its southern extension, The Landings.

16. Unlicensed drinking places can be found in basements along Bargeman's Row, Flower Market Place, and the alleyways of the quarter along the northwest wall. Outsiders, meaning anyone not known in the immediate neighborhood are generally unwelcome.

Businesses serving the river trade:

1. Dunsta River Barge Builders – located on Barge Alley across from the barge sheds just north  of the quai. One of two naval carpenters in Moros.

2. Tamroti Barge Builders – located on Barge Alley across from the barge sheds just north  of the quai. One of two naval carpenters in Moros.

3. Moros Sail Maker – located on Armor Road. Abuts the two barge builders.

4. Sturdy Barge Company Booking Offices and Warehouse – located on Drunkards' Street across from the north end of the quai. One of three companies operating barges on theDunsta River. Barges go down river to Fort Tamroti where they are broken up and the timber sold.  

5. Dunsta Travelers' Warehouse – located on the quai. One of the public warehouses in Moros, serving merchants traveling on the Dunsta River. Outland merchants ship trade goods bound for Fort Tamroti to the warehouse to hold pending arrival. Also stores trade goods arriving from Fort Tamroti until shipment out from Moros can be arranged.

6. Tidzke-Dunsta Barge Company Booking Offices and Warehouse – located on the Quai just south of the Dunsta Traveler's Warehouse.  The premier company operating barges on the Dunsta River and the only one to offer return passage from Fort Tamroti. Because the Tidzke-Dunsta barges return to Moros, they are better made and accommodations on board are more finished and comfortable.

7.Merchant's Barge Company Booking Offices and Warehouse – located at the south end of the quai.  One of three companies operating barges on the Dunsta River. Barges go down river to Fort Tamroti where they are broken up and the timber sold.

Civic places in Moros:

1. City Plaza – located south of Sweetwater Run where Gradec Road and Merchant Street meet to form Moros Square. The Council House occupies the central part of City Plaza. The Commercial Court has quarters on the north end of the plaza and the Crimes Court/Jail is located on the south end.

2. Moros Square – located just east of City Plaza. A public space with a fountain.

3. Merchant's Plaza – located north of Sweetwater Run on Merchant Lane. the Moros Merchant Association is housed here, along with a private court to resolve disputes between its members.

4. Merchant Association Park – located a short distance southeast of City Plaza, bounded by North Park Way, South Park WayPark View Place and Commons Lane. Land donated by and maintained by the Moros Merchant Association. A grassy field with informal plantings, benches and a few trees.

5. The Fair Grounds – located on Gradec Road, just south of the Sweetwater Run. Home to a smallish fair held twice a year for outland merchants and peddlers to display their wares. The late autumn fair affords outland river trade merchants a venue to sell off goods they don’t wish to transport or store.

6. Green Market – located on Gradec Road south of City Plaza and Moros Square. Weekly market where local farmers sell fresh fruit and vegetables.

7. Wet Market – located on Merchant Street north of Moros Square. Twice weekly market where butchers and rybmongers sell flesh.

8. Gleaner's Market – tucked between the Wet Market and Sweetwater Run along Market Street. A flea market for Gleaners (Morosai street urchins who pilfer from outland merchants) to sell their wares from tables provided by the city.

9. Gradec Gate – located in the west wall of the city where the main road to Gradec MetelCentre enters.

10. Werks Gate – located in the north wall of the city where the road to the Moros Werks enters.




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