City of Gradec MetelCentre

Gradec Working is a Gornarod settlement located in the northern portion of the Schodni Mountains.  It and its neighboring workings of Jerhez and Cerek are generally grouped together as the Northern Workings of the Schodni Mountains, although mountains and high ridges separate them from each other and limit their contact with one another.


The Gornarod are descendants of human colonists who lived in the highlands of Atelon at the time of the Expulsion.  Primarily miners, metalworkers and small farmers, they were saved from the general slaughter because the uplands of Atelon are infested with the Khia parasite which inflicts a slow and agonizing death on infected L'npei.

Over the centuries, a number of mining camps asserted control over neighboring valleys, each evolving into a polity called a Working.  A Working consists of a metal-working facility and its supporting mine (called a MetelCentre), and several villages, each of which draws its sustenance from animal husbandry, small scale agriculture and metal fabrication.


By Gornarod standards, Gradec is a small Working of approximately 104,000 km² in area.  However, it is more fertile than its neighbors with almost 25% of its area in farmsteads.  The rest of its area is a mix of pasture and forest.

Gradec has a population of 452,000.  Like most of the workings, the largest number of inhabitants live in villages or farmsteads and support themselves with herding, dairying, or growing grains and vegetables.  Gradec has about 3,200 metalworkers in total, divided among its MetelCentre and 4 Werks that do small scale metal production.

Gradec MetelCentre has a population of 13,574.  It sits on the east bank of the Dunsta River, where the Holsovic Road crosses it.  Although isolated from the main commercial traffic of the Gornarod Track, Gradec maintains an active trade with the Banakur Gens.

In addition to the MetelCentre, Gradec has four Werks towns and five commercial towns.

The town of Rabka Werks (population 2,379), on the Gradec Road at its second crossing of the Risdar River, is a metal working and commercial center in northern Gradec.

Maros (population 1,965), on the Dunsta River below the MetelCentre, is the commercial start point for merchant caravans into the Banakur Forest.


Gradec is off the main road, on the eastern side of the Droghkos Ridge, in a long narrow area formed by the Dunsta River. Four peaks mark the line of the Ridge.  The most northern is Mt. Limat.  Next are the twin mountains of Mt. Zoljarken, elevation 1128 m., and Mt. Barjarken, elevation 1195 m.  Farthest to the south is Mt. Kiwac, elevation 1208 m.  In the north, the country is rolling and descends gradually into the heart of the Banakur Forest.  The upper reaches of the Dunsta River and its broad valley dominate the center.  The south is more rugged, as the ridgeline falls off steeply to the valley of the upper Vari River.  The south is heavily forested by the Banakur, which climbs high up the hillsides.

Gradec is over 400 kilometers from the Gornarod Track.  It does have connections to Jerhez Working along the Risdar River valley; and to Holsovic Working by a direct road that goes through the [Varlovoc Pass” show=”Varlovoc Pass”].  The road to Holsovic is over 250 km.  Gradec’s merchants also maintain a limited but profitable trade with Gens Tamroti of the Banakur Forest, using the Dunsta River as a trade route.

The Dunsta River is part of the Vari River system and flows easterly.  The Risdar and the Radova rivers are small tributaries of the Dunsta River.  The Risdar flows down from Mt. Limat, carving a gap in the Droughkos Ridge through which the road to Gradec connects to the Gornarod Track.  The Radova starts in the base of the Kenor Morsk.  Another small river, the Orsha, begins on Mt. Zatow and flows east to the Vari River.

Military Activity

Gradec’s soldiers, like all of the Eastern Gornarod, are infantry fighters whose style tends to solid, cohesive units.  Because of their build, they use weapons requiring great strength and they can wear heavy armor.  There are no Taikahir Bringers in a Gornarod army, but Hesperium Armor is relatively common.

Gradec’s forces are primarily engaged in patrolling the rough, forest fringe in the south.  Two small posts occupy headlands that dominate the entrance to the Dunsta valley, as it starts its climb into the highlands.  Gradec also maintains a border post in the northwest, where the Gradec Road joins the Gornarod Track, and another, at the crest of the pass on the road to Holsovic.

Gradec also has 8 travelers’ stations along the Dunsta.  These stations are roughly 20 km apart and extend through the Banakur Forest to the edge of Tamroti lands.  They are similar in design to the stations along the Gornarod Track except that each has a protected dock for the watercraft used by merchants on the major base at the forest’s edge, just below the junction of the Risdar with the Dunsta.  This is also like a travelers’ station in design but much larger.

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