City of Abarsha

Abarsha – ah Barsh ah (population 23,930) is situated near the southwestern frontier of Great Road Councilate.  It is a fortified military base and the administrative center for settlement on the Banakur Forest fringe.  It guards the Linku River valley and marks the edge of security in the south.
Abarsha is situated on the west bank of the Gura River and the north bank of the Linku River, on a protected bluff line.  It sits less than 110 km from the edge of the Banakur Forest.  West of Abersha, the Linku River plunges into the forest, through lands occupied by Wild L’npei and defended by Gens Tamroti.
The forest margin is active as a settlement area. Great Road Councilate establishes and defends military colonies all along the forest’s edge, supported by financial and material support from the Federal Council.  The line of settlement in Great Road runs along the Linku to the Banakur, then along the edge of the forest about 250 km, then across to the eastern bank of the Parduva River, filling in the lands between it and the Tumosura River.
There is constant military conflict along the western and southern borders of Great Road.  Settlement is opposed by the three Banakur Gens, their Rapani allies, war bands from Uk’Damakini and merchant interests in the Gornarod Working of Gradec.  Great Road bases three Task Forces in Abarsha to defend against major incursions, but day to day border security is provided by local militias and mercenary companies such as the Dumah Rangers.
Abarsha is connected to the United Councilate heartland by the Anorah-Abarsha Road.  The road begins in Anorah, then heads southwest to Solisova (250 km) and continues on to Abarsha (300 km).

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