Moros Gleaners

In the City of Moros, orphans and abandoned children between the ages of seven and sixteen are referred to as gleaners or wharf runners. Prior to age seven, they are maintained at civic expense. At seven, they are turned to the streets and provided for through an informal network of warehouse night watchers and older orphans. At sixteen they are expected to leave gleaning and find productive work.

There are not many of them, usually fewer than two dozen. Each warehouse night watcher provides for a few regulars by giving them access to the warehouse after dark, both for shelter and for “gleaning”.

Moros turns a blind eye to pilferage from the goods belonging to outland merchants. It is said in Moros that it is to the common good that visitors to Moros make an involuntary contribution to the well being of the enterprising poor.

The gleaners are permitted to sell their takings from tables set up in the Gleaner's Market, located in the back corner of the Wet Market. A few of the older gleaners sell from stalls of their own making.

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