Rapani Kamah Officers

The basic operational unit of the Rhyde is called a Kamah.  Each Kamah is further subdivided into 12 Gavah which, while capable of being detached, do not typically operate independently.  Each Gavah is further subdivided into three Raham. Consult Fifth Rhyde for information about the unique organization of that Rhyde.

Each Rhyde raises one Kamah each year.  The Kamah serves together for 12 years and then it is disbanded.  A small proportion of the men will be identified as officer candidates and, depending upon their success and skill, will serve for up to 32 years.

The officers of a Kamah have the title of Alizim. Each Kamah has fourteen Alizim. The Kamah commander is known as the Alizim nag’ Kamah (AK1) and his second is also a Alizim nag’ Kamah, but referred to as the AK2. The other twelve Alizim command the Kamah’s twelve Gavahs and are titled Alizim nag’ Gavah. They are referred to as the AG1 through AG12, corresponding to the number of the Gavah that the Alizim commands.

The non-commissioned officers of a Kamah have the title of Rashazim. The senior Rashazim of the Kamah is the Rashazim nag’ Kamah (RK). Each Gavah has two senior Rashazim nag’ Gavah (each just referred to as RG). All of the RGs are considered peers. In addition, each Kamah has forty eight trainee Rashazim, officially titled as Rashgavah, but informally referred to as Hayu. The Rashgavah have no authority, beyond whatever is immediately assigned to them.

The Alizim and Rashazim are veteran soldiers who form the cadre of a newly recruited Kamah. Most Alizim have served seventeen years at that point as Rashgavahs and Rashazim. The Rashazim have been seasoned by seven years in the ranks, two as soldiers and five as Rashgavahs. After five years an Alizim nag’ Gavah may apply to command a newly formed Kamah as its AK1 or AK2. The Rashazim will stay with the Kamah for its full ten years of existence.

They are joined by the Rashgavah of an older Kamah who have served five years at that point; two years as soldiers in their parent Kamah and then three years more in the parent Kamah as Rashgavahs. They will remain with the new Kamah for two more years, then move on. Some become the Rashazim nag’Gavah of a newly formed Kamah; the rest will be assigned as replacement RGs in veteran Kamahs or sent to staff positions.

When the Rashgavahs move on, a new group of Rashgavahs will be promoted from among the most promising ordinary soldiers in the Kamah.





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