Doberai Hills

The Doberai Hills are a major feature of the landscape of southern Selka.. They are a northern extension of the Schodni Mountains, continuing northeasterly for 460 km beyond Mt. Zatow.  The Doberai Hills are higher than the Rabkonas in the north and are broken by steep ravines and hillsides to the north and south.  The center of the Doberai is an area of lower relief, with a gentle climb heading west from the City of Selka to the ridgeline and an equally easy descent to the Brissa Gap.  The Great Road traverses the Doberai Hills through this country.  These hills were logged in Wanderer times for many kilometers either side of the Great Road.  Forests still blanket the northern sector of the Doberai.  In the south, isolated stands gradually merge to form the thick growth of the Banakur Forest, on the southern border of Selka.

Selka maintains a training camp in the Doberai Hills.

Young men from this region are aggressively recruited by the Kalmia Rhyde for their hardiness and knowledge of woods craft.

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