The Keshdumah occupy a region of eastern Atelon that is between the Eastern Sea and  the Banakur Forest, bounded by the Dunafolda River to the north and the Darjevka Mountains to the south.

Keshdumah believe that they are descended from the Wanderers, children of the legendary sky gods. The Amtirai Chronicle, an ancient set of scrolls dating back to the Time of Chaos, claim that a group of Wanderers, under the leadership of Hari Obodo, made a trek from the Inari River Valley to found the legendary City of Amtirai, deep inside the grasslands on the the Tarnamura Plateau, where they would be safe from the rampaging L'npei clans.

It is known that in the centuries of M'Maoulek's Wars, a colony of Keshdumah was established in the hill country north of the Darjevka Mountains. The Chronicle claims that the colony was founded by Wanderers from the City of Amtirai. Whatever their origin, that colony was the seed from which the Southern Marches grew, and today they remain allied to M'Maoulek's Protectorate.

Keshdumah historians have documented the northern advance of their people, conquering and colonizing the lands of the Kingdom of D'Mak. The lands called D’Mak in the L'npei tongue became the land of Dumah, a word easier spoken by the human mouth. And the people of Dumah became the Keshdumah.

In time, the Keshdumah became restless under M'Maoulek's control. In those days, Dumah was vast and sparsely settled. Fertile lands enough to feed a thousand times its population lay within its borders.  No longer Amtiraide, but Keshdumah, they wished to enjoy the fruits of their conquest.  Among the warrior class, a certain weariness with M'Maoulek's endless crusade set in.  For the Keshdumah, the time to build had come and the time for destruction was ending.

The governors of the cities of DumahTervela and Kyla met and declared their lands to be their own.  Most of the lowland towns joined the Great Revolt and in time the forces loyal to M'Maoulek were forced back to the lands at the foot of the Darjevka Mountains.  Thus the United Councilate States came into existance.




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