The Elirapa

The lands occupied by the Rapani are known as the Elirapa, which means The Fortress of E’lani. The Elirapa is a triangle of land, west of the Vari River, south of the Dunafolda River, and east of the Schodni and Styritsa Mountains.

The Rapani are a fierce and independent people. They are descended from Keshdumah families who embraced the Way of E’lani and fled across the Vari River to practice their beliefs.

The Rapani adhere to the Way, make use of the Taikahir, and study it in the Hospodars of Kempelani, the great university town of the L’npei. Like all adherents to the Way, they reject the technology of the Keshdumah.

Guided by the Priests of E’lani, they make common cause with the L’npei of the Banakur Forest and frequently join the L’npei in campaigns against the Keshdumah. Rapani travel freely (although cautiously) in L’npei lands, both as soldiers and as merchants.

Rapani society is organized around military organizations called Rhydes. The Rhydes are tasked with raising, equipping and training soldiers for the defense of the Marches. Each Rhyde maintains ten Battles of soldiers, raising a new one each year. In return, they control all lands outside of the free towns and assign farms to men when they complete their term of service.  Any young man who wishes a place in society devotes ten years to military service with a Rhyde.

The Elirapa is divided into five Marches, of which Usak and Artova are the oldest. Their founding epics tell of the time of M’maoulek’s Wars and seven invasions; how their ancestors burned their farms and slaughtered their livestock to deny sustenance to the invaders; and how Gaberowic of Artova led a coalition of L’npei, Gornarod and Rapani to a decisive victory on the banks of the Brissa River.

Since those days, three more Marches came into existence.  Tahir and Sivas were next. Last, but far from least is Selka. Usak and Artova are nestled in the foothills of the Styritsa Mountains, north of the Brissa River. To the east (and also north of the Brissa River) are Tahir and Sivas. Selka lies south of the Brissa, extending into the northern reaches of the Banakur Forest.

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