The Dumah Rangers

The Dumah Rangers are a relatively new phenomenon in the military history of the Dumah States. As a culture, the Keshdumah disdain killing, leaving that work to a low status warrior caste.  Within that caste, the hard physical work of close in fighting is relegated to the rejects and the militias they officer.

When Great Road and Banakur South began to clear and settle the forestland to their west, there became a need to protect the settlers, who lacked the skills and cultural heritage to protect themselves.

On the frontier, warrior caste rejects found work that came with status and respect. True, it was the respect of dirty settlers, living in squalid villages, far from civilization, but respect nonetheless.

At first the Rangers were nothing more than bands of local adolescents, led by retired warriors who had become bored with civilian life. In time, the adolescents grew up, learned their trade and made a living from it.

The typical Ranger company is led by a proprietor-captain and consists of several fire teams and a close combat support team. The Ranger captains compete for contracts and also band together to fill larger contracts.

In most cases, a company settles into the village or town that has hired it. The rangers patrol the nearby forest, shield the outlying farms from raiders and set the occasional ambush.

Fron time to time, a larger town or the provincial government will raise the money to launch a punitive raid. When this happens, several companies of rangers travel deep into the Bankur. They will set ambushes, attack the L’npei herds and raid L’npei settlements.

And so the unending conflict on the frontier continues, year after year, decade after decade.

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