Terrain Tiles


12 Hexagonal Terrain Tiles (2.25″ Hex)



The hexagonal Terrain Tiles represent features of the Banakur that can be used for protective cover. There are three types in the basic game: brush, trees, and rocks. Characters in the appropriate terrain are placed on top of the Terrain Tile to represent occupying it, but they are actually considered to be standing behind the feature. Tiles have three colored sides to represent protective cover from ranged attacks entering the hex from each of three hexsides. Terrain Tiles do not have permanent facing, but should be rotated each time the occupying character turns, so that the middle colored hexside is always on the side the character is facing out of.

Terrain Tiles may be occupied by up to two friendly characters, in which case, the Terrain Tile may be turned to reflect the facing of either character, at the controlling player’s discretion.

You may choose to build your own three dimensional terrain to better capture the aesthetics of the forest environment. If you do so, you should mount your terrain on hexagonal bases with the same footprint as the Terrain Tiles, and you should mark three sides in the appropriate colors, similar to the type of tiles they represent.


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