Unpainted pewter miniatures for additional customized Shatterlands characters.

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The Shatterlands miniatures represent the members of your tactical team during a particular Encounter.

The standard Shatterlands starter set comes with 5 miniatures, and these miniatures may be used to represent different characters in different Encounters. As you master the game, you may want to fight larger Encounters with more characters, or to differentiate your miniatures to represent different types of characters. As your characters begin to feel more real and fully developed, you might even want to have one unique figure to represent each unique character. Additional Shatterlands miniatures are sold separately for this purpose, which allows you to customize each miniature to represent one single character in your unit.

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Dumah, Rapani


Fire Team (4 minis), Sword Team (4 minis)


Sargeant (1 mini), Warriors (4 minis)


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