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10 unique Character Cards for additional characters or replacements. Please choose Dumah or Rapani version.

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Each Shatterlands Character Card represents one unique individual member of the unit you will command, either a Voice of Rapani Warriors from the Kalmia Rhyde, or an independent ­Kurjager Company of the United Councilate States (Dumah). Every Shatter­lands character is generated separately using a randomizing algorithm, and given the high number of variables on each card, we can say with relative certainty that each of your Shatterlands Character Cards is perfectly unique from all other Character Cards in existence. Like the people they are meant to represent, no two characters are ever exactly alike. Also, like real people, your characters will continue to grow and change. The Shatterlands Character Cards utilize scratch off technology to represent permanent changes to these characters’ abilities. With experience, their Prowess in certain areas will steadily improve. But be careful. Serious wounds involve lingering effects that decrease a character’s usefulness over time. Occasionally, a character may even be killed and permanently lost. It is important that you understand the different tracks and how and when to expose a circle before doing so. A circle scratched in error cannot be unscratched, and you could inadvertently be reducing the value of your character.

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Dumah, Rapani


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