Blank Initiative Cards


10 Blank Initiative Cards for advanced characters or to replace lost/damaged cards.

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Initiative Cards determine the order of play during a Shatterlands Encounter. At the beginning of the game, each player will select Initiative Cards to reflect the characters present, and will combine this deck with their opponent’s deck to form a common initiative deck to be used during play. Initiative Cards allowing a Rapani character to take an action have blue numbers or text and an image of a Rapani character, whereas Initiative Cards allowing a Dumerai character to take an action have red numbers and an image of a Dumerai character.

Each deck also includes a number of blank cards. This is because some characters will eventually progress to a point where they will be entitled to more than the five Initiative Cards allotted for each number in the basic set, and also because experienced players may eventually want to fight Encounters using more than five characters. These cards are meant to be modified in either case to reflect the player’s new deck assortment. The cards included in the starter set should be enough, with judicious marking, to cover all eventualities, but in the event a player wants or needs more blank Initiative Cards, these can be purchased separately from Stonegate Forge.

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Dumah, Rapani


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