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Welcome to Atelon, a world inhabited by four cultures, three races and two sentient species, where magic and technology are locked in perpetual struggle for dominance.

In one small corner of this world are the Shatterlands, a place where the Keshdumah struggle to wrest control of the Banakur Forest from its Rapani and L’npei protectors. The Keshdumah deploy such technology as they can, to counter the Taikahir that Rapani and L’npei gather for the defense of their homes.

For in Atelon’s universe, the organizing principle is that belief shapes reality.

The Keshdumah believe that the scientific method and the laws of physics allow them to understand and manipulate nature. As a consequence, in the heart of the Dumah lands, technological wonders have been invented and operate reliably.

In the lands of the Guardians, adherence to the naturalistic cult of E’lani is dominant. The Guardians teach that trained Taikahir gatherers can touch the elemental forces of the natural world and direct them.

At the margins, in places like the Banakur Forest, the two belief systems are in conflict. Technology becomes brittle and unpredictable; Taikahir flickers in and out.

The Atelon Wiki will go live in early 2019. Until then, try out our Shatterlands ™ game, introducing you to Rapani and Keshdumah as they patrol and skirmish in the Banakur Forest.

Long-time gamer, amateur cartographer, living in a world of my own making.

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